The First International Cloud Workshop 2020 of TBEA Sunoasis Successfully Held!
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TBEA Sunoasis launched the first International Cloud Workshop 2020 on May 20 where leaders of the PV industry from different regions of the world were invited to share market trends, policy requirements and best practices, jointly discuss the effect of AI to “lower costs and improve efficiency” in the PV area and make “fine suggestions” towards developing overseas market. This global meeting attracted many public figures of the PV industry from around the world, which fully demonstrates the confidence and strength of TBEA Sunoasis to win global PV market.



In the speech, Qu Bo, Deputy General Manager of TBEA Sunoasis pointed out that “TBEA Sunoasis has been engaging in the PV area for 20 years during which it has accumulated advanced technical experiences; focusing on core products like PV inverter, TSVG, power router and power storage, it utilizes big data and artificial intelligence to develop the electronic cloud platform system, monitoring and data collection system, environment management system and other systems to provide clients with optimal LCOE solution, wind power generation, intelligent micro-grid, flexible DC transmission and other services.”

He then added that, “TBEA Sunoasis would like to join hands with global industrial partners to share the technology and experiences of PV plants, promote the wide application of clean energy in the world and better improve the development of global green energy industry.”



Afterwards, an Indian employee of TBEA Xi’an Electrics Technology Co., Ltd., the wholly-owned company of TBEA Sunoasis gave the keynote speech about New Energy System Solution. He said that, TBEA Sunoasis launched the optimal system solution for electricity cost by adopting “1,500V System + Large Matrix + DC/AC Ratio + Intelligent Operation & Maintenance”; to realize the target of the lowest LCOE of PV system, this solution starts with DC/AC Ratio to enable the inverter the ability of direct access by its design and the PV part can connect at most 36 strings, increasing its DC/AC Ratio by 1.7 times to industrial leading level; and integrating with high generation efficiency, intelligent operation & maintenance and its safety and reliability, the system generation volume within the life cycle is improved. He also elaborated the technical feasibility of TS208KTL-HV large power string inverter in lowering cost and improving efficiency. Power router and power storage system of TBEA Sunoasis, as core parts of the micro-grid solution, are proven to be reliable and time-enduring in TBEA Xi’an Industrial Park and the state’s first pilot projects, where they improve the power generation and save power consumption. The full-process explanation of the actual production line via live broadcast again introduces to us the entire delivery process of inverter by TBEA Sunoasis in a close and all-round manner. High quality and standardized delivery procedures fully implement the target of TBEA Sunoasis of “Client First”.




Digitalization has long been discussed in the PV industry and facing the juncture of industrial transformation and upgrade, the professional of TBEA Sunoasis Digitalization Center gave the keynote speech of “How to Operate Digitalized New Energy Plant with AI”. As told, “TB-eCloud Intelligent PV Operation & Maintenance Cloud Platform” and “TB-eCloud Intelligent PV Monitoring and Analysis System” fully realize operation & maintenance functions including remote monitoring of equipment status, remote inspection, remote handling of malfunction and remote intelligent diagnosis, which completely breaks the limit of time and space and replaces human brain with intelligence and science with labor. Solar plant intelligent operation & maintenance cloud platform, as shown in actual practice, can improve the automation of equipment and system defect alarm and malfunction positioning, reduce site inspection of equipment and lower the costs in operation & maintenance. TB-eCloud Intelligent Energy Cloud Platform constructed by advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing and AI, can realize targeted, integrated and whole-life cycle operation & maintenance of PV plants in an efficient, intelligent and convenient manner. Currently the platform has connected over 30 plants of different types with the capacity exceeding 5GW and generation improved by more than 3%.



Ahmed Ben Romdhane, Head of Middle East and North Africa of AMEA POWER, Marat BUKHANOV, General Manager of Kazgydrotekhenergo of Samruk Energy, Cormac Gilligan, Deputy Director of Solar Power and Power Storage of IHS Markit, Ahmed Meziou, Senior Legal Counsel of AMEA POWER, Mehfooz Qazi, Chief of Energy Department, Government of Sindh, Pakistan and Chief of Solar Power Department of Sindh supported by the World Bank and Gao Sen, Deputy General Manager of Structural Financing Department, Bank of China Sydney Branch, attended the high-end dialogue of this meeting. In the discussion themed New Discussion over Global Trends in New Energy 2020, guests shared their views on the current and future development of PV market. At the juncture of transformation and upgrade of the PV industry, organization of such international cloud workshop by TBEA Sunoasis aims to boost industrial confidence and explore new ways for PV enterprises to enter overseas market; meanwhile, TBEA Sunoasis will continue upholding the concept of “seeking optimal electricity cost”, shouldering the mission of forging national brand, contributing to the development of PV industry in China and helping improve our PV competitiveness in the world. At the time when complex international market changes, we have to stick to the core technology in order to stay undefeated. “We will be what we want to be in digital future”! TBEA Sunoasis, with its more than 70 years of experiences in power industry, devotes itself in the area of intelligent manufacturing to breakthroughs in technical innovation and solutions and manifests with its “efficient and reliable” quality that there are so much more beyond AI...

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